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Chinese HIV-positive man gets all clear

16:35 04/ 12/ 2007

BEIJING, December 4 (RIA Novosti) - A Chinese farmer in the northeast Jilin Province has tested HIV-negative six years after testing positive for the virus, the Xinhua news agency reported.

Wen Congcheng first tested positive for HIV in 2001 at the Chuanying District disease prevention and control center (CDC). The diagnosis was confirmed two years later at the same clinic.

However, in July this year Wen had another test at a university hospital in Jilin, which came back negative. The follow up tests made in three local hospitals also proved to be negative.

"I have no idea why the test turned out to be negative," Wen said.

Experts doubt whether the miracle result is down to drugs, while Wen said the tests might have been mixed up.

Meanwhile, People's Daily cited Lang Ying, deputy director of the CDC, as saying, "It is still early to say his negative result will last."

The only other known case was in 2003, when a British man Andrew Stimpson tested HIV negative, fourteen months after giving a positive HIV result. The case caused a sensation, but was marred by suspicions of false test results.

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