Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Improving Breastfeeding Practices on a Broad Scale at the Community Level: Success Stories From Africa and Latin America

Victoria J. Quinn, PhD, Agnès B. Guyon, MD, MPH, Joan W. Schubert, MPH, Maryanne Stone-Jiménez, MS, IBCLC, Michael D. Hainsworth, MPH, and Luann H. Martin, MA

Published in the Journal of Human Lactation (Vol. 21, No. 3, pps. 345-354), this article examines the strategies and successes of large-scale community-level, communication-centred programmes designed to improve breastfeeding practices in Bolivia, Ghana, and Madagascar. The case study illustrates the way in which sizeable improvements in optimal breastfeeding can be achieved at scale and within a relatively rapid time frame using a multi-faceted, communication-focused approach, tailored specifically to meet the demands of each specific country in which the approach was implemented. In short, the resource explores how and why focusing on breastfeeding practices on a large-scale level - and using communication strategies to do so - is "feasible and should be a central component of any child survival strategy."

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